Terms & Conditions

By creating a profile and/or tag information on this website you agree that you will not include any content which is any way offensive, defamatory or libelous (we reserve the right to remove any such content).

Tag and Profile content is held on a server protected by SSL encryption.

You agree that you will not reveal your login ID and password to any third party (unless required by law). We hold your password in encrypted form and accordingly if you forget your password we will reset to a temporary and email to you.

The web service is run on a '24/7' basis and should normally be available at any time from any location with full international web access. However, we cannot be liable for lack of availability where a country in which you are traveling blocks access (e.g. North Korea) or circumstances outside our control.

Tags issued to you never expire - we do not require you to renew them in any way - the web service is freely available without further subscription costs. In the event that you notify us of a lost/stolen tag, that tag will be de-activated until such time as you notify us of its safe return.

Once issued and paid for, tags cannot be cancelled or a refund of payment made.

In the event of fraudulent payment by a third party using your Paypal or credit card details, your recourse is with Paypal and/or your card provider.

In the event of tags issued to you being lost or stolen in the post you must advise us promptly (within two days of advised delivery dates) whereupon we will cancel the tags and issue fresh ones to you.  Should the original tags be subsequently delivered to you, you must advise us by email/webmail so that we can advise as to their disposal - DO NOT destroy them!

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the web service upon giving you
12 months notice by email, in the unlikely event of cessation of trade or unavailability of further tag supply from our printers.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Smart-Tags never expire and there's NO ongoing cost.